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Lunar New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan) is the biggest and most important festival of the year for the majority of Vietnamese people. In the modern fast-paced life, Tet has become increasingly distant for the young generation.

Understanding the audience’s needs and the target audience, Viettel integrated its “Tet Combo – Win the Golden Logo” campaign into the well-known Tao Quan program. By approaching it from a humorous, enjoyable, and memorable perspective, Viettel aimed to increase brand awareness.


3.1 Business objective: Increase subscriptions to Tet packages.

3.2 Communication objectives:

  • Increase brand recognition for Viettel.
  • Raise awareness among users about the Tet promotion program.


Tet represents the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people. However, Tet has become increasingly distant and disconnected from the young generation, who are becoming the leaders in the digital age. How can we preserve the cultural traditions in the digital era, modernize the rituals and customs, and yet maintain the essence of our national identity?

For nearly 20 years, “Gặp Nhau Cuối Năm” (The Year-End Gathering) or Tao Quan has left a mark on the audience with cleverly integrated messages, humor, satire, and attention-grabbing content. It has become an indispensable cultural experience for the Vietnamese during the Tet season.

With a modern approach, The Kitchen God Prequel revolves around preserving long-standing cultural values in the 4.0 era, targeting the young generation and delivering valuable messages.

Creative Idea

“The Kitchen God Prequel 2021 – The ‘Digital’ vs. ‘Traditional’ Battle”

Understanding the insight of the target audience, the production team decided to highlight the impact of technology on modern life by embracing the changes and contradictions.

The program cleverly integrates the Tet promotion campaign, “Tet Combo – Win the Golden Logo.” Specifically, Viettel customers who successfully purchase or renew Tet Combo packages through any Viettel registration channels receive a participation code for a chance to win one of 21 golden Viettel logos, each equivalent to 21 taels of gold.

The approach emphasizes the campaign’s main message: preserving long-standing cultural values in the 4.0 era, aligning with the society’s current concerns, and cleverly integrating Tet Combo packages with a combination of modern and traditional ideas in daily life.


The campaign was planned and implemented during Tet, a time of family reunion, making it easy to spark discussions about choosing between Traditional Tet and Modern Tet.

The campaign consisted of two main phases:

Pre-launch: Focusing on generating curiosity among the community about the “unique” Tao Quan program while following the traditional pattern of the one aired on New Year’s Eve.

Launch: Officially releasing the main video and conducting promotional activities to convey the campaign’s message.

Engage & Convert: Focusing on spreading the campaign message and engaging with users to encourage them to use the service through discount vouchers.

Sustain: Continuing to spread and reinforce the campaign message.



  • Achieved 23 million views on YouTube within 2 weeks, maintaining the top position in the trending list for 5 consecutive days.
  • Reached 27 million reach on Facebook with an organic engagement rate of up to 70% on social media.
  • Attained a recall score of 9.6 for advertising.
  • Increased brand love index by 3 points.


  • 3.5 million subscriptions to Tet packages, surpassing the initial plan by 125%.

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