We are ready to invest time and human resources to provide strategic advice and creative ideas on content and technology that exceed customers’ expectations.

Brand Strategy Consulting
Provide optimum and comprehensive strategic consulting solutions to create an overall and sustainable marketing campaign.
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Create Virtual Ambassadors
ADT is currently the owner of the top surreal virtual ambassador technology, which has a complex process to attain perfection like an actual person.
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Interactive Events
ADT, a pioneer in the use of Metaverse/VR/AR/XR technology, is continually developing outstanding interactive technology solutions to assist your businesses in "getting ahead".
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Innovative Campaigns
Create breakthrough creative campaigns, remain ahead of the market with new thinking, new perspectives and new solutions.
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KOLs/KOCs Booking
Offer a comprehensive Booking KOLs/KOCs solution to assist disseminate the brand, enhance customer interaction, and increase revenue.
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