Ai Digital Human

AI Digital Human is a technology product developed by ADT, with an upgraded AI artificial intelligence core integrated with hyper-real Digital Human.

ADT’s AI Digital Human is the first and only product in the Vietnamese market that possesses a hyper-realistic appearance, the ability to express emotions, and real-time conversation with minimal delay. This is a significant technological advancement, laying the foundation for the widespread application of artificial intelligence in O2O (Online to Offline) solutions.

By applying technology to build top-quality AI Digital Humans, ADT provides services to bring practical and effective marketing and business activities, including:

  • Leading hyper-realistic digital human creation technology in the Vietnamese market, with a complex processing workflow to achieve perfection in terms of image, expression, and movement.
  • Digital humanbooking solutions for KOLs/KOCs/brand ambassadors/models/MCs, helping to spread the brand, increase customer interaction, and revenue growth.

Case study

Hạ Vy – Vietnam’s First 100% Made-in-Vietnam AI Digital Human
ADT Global has created Hạ Vy, the first and only AI Digital Human in the Vietnamese market at present.

Hạ Vy is fully designed, from hair to face, eyes, with a quality that closely resembles a real person. She has the ability to express herself and communicate naturally in real-time with others. She can also proactively create content, self-learn, and provide fluent responses in Vietnamese.

Khalifa – The fastest AI assistant at GITEX Global 2023

Within the framework of the world’s largest technology exhibition – GITEX GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai, ADT proudly collaborates with Core42 by G42, a leading technology conglomerate in the UAE, to demonstrate real-time interaction technology using artificial intelligence, which has been well-received by the international technology community.

Khalifa has received extremely positive feedback and recognition from the international technology community at GITEX Global 2023, setting the following records:

  • Fastest AI assistant response at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 – achieving real-time response speed: >1s
  • Fastest speech-to-text conversion: 0.1s/50 words
  • Fastest text-to-speech conversion: 2s
  • Fastest context recognition and GPT response: 0.1s/50 words

Vi An – Viettel’s digital human

Vi An is a hyper-real MetaHuman with a realistic quality, making its first appearance in Vietnam. With an endearing appearance, slightly chubby face, round eyes, and vibrant demeanor, Vi An represents the “technology from the heart” spirit of the Viettel corporation, developed by ADT.

Mr. Phin – PhinDeli’s digital human

Mr. Phin is the digital human of the PhinDeli brand, with an AI concept that celebrates and pioneers the promotion of Vietnamese specialty coffee. He can directly interact with users through social media platforms, organize workshops to share interesting knowledge about coffee brewing.

Fitty – F.I.T Group’s digital human

Fitty is a hyper-realistic digital human from three-dimensional (3D) models and meticulously crafted through computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology. Fitty debuts with a natural and pure beauty, with round eyes, a vibrant demeanor, and lifelike image quality, aiming to inspire a green lifestyle amidst modern life.

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