Invitation & Name card AR

AR Card – an invitation card that integrates augmented reality technology; allowing the user to experience engaging and unique 3D images and effects, completely different from traditional invitation cards.

Users scan the QR code on the card to open the AR camera with their phone, and watch the content displayed in the form of 3D effects and visual videos. Similar to AR name cards, information fields are also programmed to display vividly and personalized, creating a unique visual impression.


Support for content customization, creative messages, invitations, and AR name cards, contribute to increasing communication efficiency for events and business connection activities.

Popular applications include:

  • Invitation cards
  • Thank you note
  • Name card
  • Publications such as flyers and company profiles integrated with AR.

Case study: 

VIIE 2023 Gift Set

Within the framework of the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition (VIIE 2023), ADT Global was the unit that came up with the idea of designing an AR gift set – a thank you message dedicated to VIP and VVIP guests.

Combining AR technology with modern materials and design, the thank you card becomes an effective communication touchpoint after the event.

Bosch Home Vietnam Exhibition Event Name Card

As a consulting unit accompanying Bosch Home VN at the launch event “Bosch – German Quality”, ADT integrated AR technology into name cards for distributors and dealers.


This is considered a creative technological gift, and at the same time affirms that the brand is always ready to accompany and support dealers with the most modern tools on the journey to conquer the Vietnamese market.

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