Driving/ Flying Simulator

Simulation technology employs software and physical models to emulate the operational characteristics of a system or device (such as automobiles or aircraft) to provide immersive experiences and replicate real-world scenarios.

ADT’s end-to-end process encompasses innovative ideation, hardware design, software development, implementation, and the refinement of specialized simulated environments:

  • A comprehensive suite of simulated equipment, including seating, steering wheels, brakes, accelerator pedals, control interfaces, and other fully functional components akin to their real counterparts.
  • High-quality display and audio systems.
  • Integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies for diversified experiences, such as interactive Magic Photo booths and motion-sensing games.


  • Events: Constructing experiential zones for visitors at technology exhibitions, automotive product showcases, and aviation events.
  • Entertainment: Equipping educational entertainment areas at amusement parks to combine fun and learning (edutainment) for children.
  • Education: Providing training in driving, aircraft piloting, and other disciplines through practical exercises using simulated models.

Case Study:
Vietnam Airlines Aviation Academy – KidZania
The “Vietnam Airlines Aviation Academy – KidZania” is a unique aviation experiential playground where young participants can assume the role of junior pilots and gain insights into aircraft operations through state-of-the-art cockpit replicas and sophisticated simulated flight equipment.

As a privileged collaborator in crafting immersive environments, ADT Global has employed simulation technology to faithfully replicate the functioning of real-world aircraft cockpits, enabling captivating experiences for aspiring “aviators.”

OffRoad PVoil Cup
In partnership with VGPC, PVOil, and Otofun at the OffRoad PVoil Cup event, ADT deployed a sophisticated simulation model for participants to test their racing prowess on a cutting-edge 3D F1 racetrack. Notably, the integration of VR glasses maximizes the intensity of the experience, closely emulating the sensations of real-life racing.

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