Glam cam 360

Glam cam technology utilizes a 360° rotating camera to capture every moment and angle of the user’s experience.

The products from Glam cam go beyond professional and visually appealing 360° videos by incorporating creative and cinematic effects. As a result, 360° check-in with Glam cam has quickly become a “magnet” for attracting participants.

Especially, Glam cam can be easily installed and deployed even in small and medium-sized spaces, with cost optimization for events of all sizes. The Glam cam experience area is customized by ADT to match the brand identity and personalize it according to the promotional and communication needs of each business.


Glam cam provides strong support for event organization:

  • Grand opening ceremonies
  • New product launching
  • Customer appreciation parties
  • Year-end parties of organizations and businesses

Case study

Bosch Home Vietnam Exhibition Event

Warmly received and experienced by a large number of guests, Glam cam technology allows participants to freely check in with every angle and impressive effects as if they were walking on the Oscar red carpet.

In addition to the direct impact at the event, Glam cam also creates a rich media library as users instantly share unique videos on social networks. This technology has become and is becoming a trend for events and marketing activities.

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