AI Virtual Human from a Vietnamese Company with Response Time Under 1 Second, Aiming to Become Brand Ambassadors

This is the result of the development efforts of ADT Global, aiming to provide brand ambassadors and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with natural interaction capabilities indistinguishable from humans.

2023 marks the explosion of services using Generative AI, possessing vast knowledge and interacting with humans in a natural way, resembling communication between people. The pioneering and most famous product undoubtedly remains ChatGPT from OpenAI, which besides communicating simple sentences, can solve math problems, write code, and generate text.

However, according to experts, ChatGPT is still considered as a foundational technology for developing more advanced and user-friendly AI answering systems. One such product is the AI character named “Hạ Vy” from the technology company ADT Global Vietnam. This can be seen as a more ‘fleshed-out’ AI character compared to ChatGPT, designed as a female character with full facial expressions and wearing a traditional Vietnamese áo dài.

Hạ Vy is designed with a full-body appearance and can interact with users through voice via a microphone. According to representatives of ADT Global, Hạ Vy has the ability of context recognition and achieves the fastest response time: 0.1 seconds to respond to 50 words based on context. Additionally, the speed of Speech-to-Text processing is also the fastest at 0.1 seconds for 50 words (with an average of 3-5 characters per word). The speed of Text-to-Speech conversion is under 2 seconds for 50 words (with an average of 3-5 characters per word). The facial expressions (over 10 expressions) and body movements are also adjusted to match the spoken sentences.

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