Bringing Hoi An to the World with Helly Tong and TV360

Vietnam’s TV show 360, officially launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024), is breaking all boundaries in television, offering a more dynamic and engaging experience than ever before.

According to a market study by leading online travel and accommodation booking platform, a staggering 78% of travelers prioritize dining experiences when traveling, with 46% expressing particular interest in “phygital” experiences – combining both online and real-life travel experiences. It’s clear that travel experiences are gradually digitizing for their convenience, cost-effectiveness, speed, and minimizing unnecessary hassles during trips.

Quickly seizing the trend of the travel market in particular and international telecommunications in general, Vietnam’s TV show 360 dedicated to travel has officially debuted at the MWC 2024, receiving positive responses from 2,000 leading telecommunications corporations and companies worldwide.

The program bears a familiar and natural name – “Nơi Này Hay Cực” (translated as “This Place is Awesome”), resembling the way close friends share heartfelt experiences with each other. Indeed, with this unique 360-degree TV show, users are not confined to a fixed frame of sight and sound; they can immerse themselves as characters experiencing and exploring destinations, enabling online travelers to actively choose their preferred perspectives and frames to fully appreciate a location with a 360-degree view.

At this year’s MWC 2024, TV360 unveiled the first season of “Nơi Này Hay Cực” by taking viewers to the heritage land of Hoi An, once known as the busiest trading port in the region, where the essence of civilization from around the world converges. With this journey to the land of “Convergence – Peace,” travelers will feel the breath of local culture and history, experiencing the beauty of the country’s landscape and its people.

The protagonist and companion to the audience in this TV show is “fairy” Helly Tống, a beautiful, charming, and extremely sophisticated young woman who has a special love for exploring the culture and history of her nation. Throughout the season, viewers will immerse themselves in the ancient space with the golden hues of ancient houses, red-tiled roofs imbued with the essence of time, and vibrant paper flower garlands along the poetic Hoai River, experiencing the distinctive culture of the heritage land of Hoi An.

Drawing inspiration from the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, “Nơi Này Hay Cực” and Helly Tống bring a multidimensional exploration journey of the heritage land in 5 episodes. In each episode, viewers accompany the experiential character to discover the beauty of Hoi An in terms of culture, history, people, and national spirit, with unique experiences at traditional craft villages or tasting the local specialty dishes.

But merely watching and admiring is not considered traveling. TV show 360 allows users to interact with characteristic experiences designed specifically for each destination. “Nơi Này Hay Cực” will enable viewers to try their hand at lantern-making in traditional craft villages alongside artisans or learn about the famous Cao Lầu dish of Quang Nam province.

Moreover, the TV360 application can customize interfaces, languages, and content according to each country. Whether users are domestic or international, they can easily access their favorite content.

By pioneering the launch of this completely different entertainment television service, TV360 has scored points with users for its novel and unique experiences, while also significantly contributing to the strong development of Vietnam’s tourism on the digital platform, not only domestically but also globally. This application is aimed at enhancing quality and integrating multiple OTT content, creating a multi-platform connectivity experience and is forecasted to be a crucial link in the sustainable development of the entertainment industry. Users will not only “watch” TV but also “live,” “love,” and become the main characters in each frame, each scene showcasing the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Using digital technology to bridge the gap between friends across continents and bring them closer to the land, culture, and people of Vietnam, “Nơi Này Hay Cực” is not just a TV program but also a message of humanism and practical pride in the nation. Alongside Viettel – Vietnam’s representative at the world’s largest mobile conference, bringing together over 2,000 leading telecommunications and technology companies worldwide, TV360 and “Nơi Này Hay Cực” actively promote and promote the colorful culture and tourism of Vietnam on the international stage, affirming the pioneering position of an OTT television platform domestically and globally.

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