Vietnam-Made AI Virtual Human Makes Debut Appearance and Converses at VIIE 2023 Exhibition

The first AI Digital Human in Vietnam was officially launched at the Vietnam International Innovation Expo (VIIE 2023), with real-time interaction capabilities with customers.

Taking place from October 28th to November 5th, 2023, the VIIE 2023 and the inauguration ceremony of the National Innovation Center (NIC) in Hoa Lac are a series of events organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and NIC.

The program includes various activities: pioneering technology demonstrations, international technology exhibitions, the Venture Capital Investment in Innovation (VVS) 2023 Forum, specialized workshops, STEAM activities, and the Gala Better Choice Awards.

The highlight of VIIE 2023 is the technology experience space at the National Innovation Center (NIC Hoa Lac). Here, the largest innovative achievements from international organizations such as SK, Meta, Google, John Cockerill, Visa, Starlink (SpaceX), Signify, as well as leading Vietnamese and regional corporations and businesses such as Viettel, VNPT, MobiFone, Masan, and MoMo, converge.

A series of technologies such as virtual reality, mixed reality, and IoT are applied to visualize innovative solutions in all fields of the digital nation.

Notably, the interactive display of the AI Digital Human by ADT, a pioneering unit in technology and interactive marketing in Vietnam, has become a focal point of interest at VIIE 2023. Specifically, the core AI intelligence has been upgraded and integrated with hyper-real metahuman, aiming to create the first AI Digital Human in Vietnam to date. As a result, the virtual character, Hạ Vy, appears with a fully developed physique, capable of making facial expressions and engaging in real-time conversations with participants directly at the VIIE 2023 event.

Also this year, the AI Digital Human from ADT collaborated with Core42 by G42, a leading AI technology corporation, to showcase at the GITEX GLOBAL 2023 international technology exhibition in Dubai. This event, the 43rd edition held at the Dubai World Trade Center, attracted over 170,000 visitors from 176 countries, featuring 1,400 speakers and 5,000 global technology organizations such as Intel, Microsoft, Huawei, AWS, BCG, McKinsey, and Deloitte.

As the fastest real-time interactive solution at GITEX GLOBAL, this advanced AI technology has broken all records for fastest response processing speed (under 1 second), fastest text-to-speech conversion (2 seconds), and fastest context recognition and GPT response (0.1s/50 words).

Mr. Nguyễn Thế Duy, Founder and CEO of ADT, emphasized that the nearly zero-latency AI virtual assistant with hyper-realistic appearance is a significant technological advancement, paving the way for widespread application of artificial intelligence in O2O (Online to Offline) solutions. In the near future, the market will experience a plethora of advertising and sales activities using AI virtual characters such as customer care, brand ambassadors, models, hosts, tour guides, and even 24/7 live shopping streams across multiple platforms.

Beyond the confines of a mere exhibition, VIIE 2023 is a continuous journey to enhance and strengthen the capacity of the innovation ecosystem, contributing to addressing the challenges of the country and building a beautiful and sustainable digital future for all Vietnamese people.

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