Digital Memory Board

The digital memory board is a digitalization of messages through interaction with a tablet (drawing, writing, etc.), after which these contents will be vividly displayed and personalized on a large screen.

This technology not only brings an enjoyable interactive experience but also allows users the freedom to creatively digitize content. Alongside saving messages/communications, users can also capture memorable moments with the digital memory board and share them on social media, enhancing communication effectiveness during and after events.

The digital memory board has the advantages of easy installation and experience, enabling users to express their individuality and leave a special mark. Furthermore, all user data is stored, allowing businesses to extract information anytime.


  • Anniversary celebrations, grand openings, inaugurations, customer appreciation events
  • Exhibitions of art, history, technology,…
  • Special interactive spaces for businesses: VIP reception areas, etc.

Case study

The “Digital Memory Board” at the 11th National Student Union Congress Exhibition

The “Digital Memory Board” appeared at the exhibition “Vietnamese Students – Building the Future, Building the Nation,” considered one of the impressive technological highlights of the 11th National Student Union of Vietnam Congress, term 2023 – 2028.

At the “Digital Memory Board”, students and delegates wrote messages and wishes for the 11th National Congress of the Vietnam Student Association and the Vietnam Student Association. When delegates interacted with the small screen, their messages would appear on the large screen with animated effects. This innovative interactive activity attracted the attention of delegates and provided a unique and meaningful experience at the exhibition.

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