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Maison Mooncake: Over 21,000 products sold Following a successful campaign

In just over a month of implementation, Maison Mooncake has sold over 21,000 products in the market, surpassing the initial target. So what communication plan did ADT Creative execute to generate these positive outcomes? Let’s explore this case study with ADT Creative!


2021 marked a historic year for the Mid-Autumn Festival cake market, heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the variety of designs, the Mid-Autumn Festival cake market experienced a significant decline, with an estimated 80% drop in sales volume. However, the Mid-Autumn Festival cake market remains highly potential and competitive. Currently, there are numerous brands operating in different segments:

  • Premium segment: Long Dinh, Maison, Hotels
  • Mid-range segment: Thu Huong, Girval
  • Mass-market segment: Kinh Do, Huu Nghi, Handmade Cakes

Moreover, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an official gifting occasion for businesses, alongside the Lunar New Year. Businesses pay great attention to packaging and place orders in advance. The Mid-Autumn Festival cake market is highly competitive, with diverse brands operating in various segments. Brands have focused on developing diverse and visually appealing designs.

Given the highly challenging and intense market, where all brands are leveraging resources to restart after a difficult year due to the pandemic, Maison Mooncake needs to clearly demonstrate its differentiation beyond traditional features and packaging designs to emerge as a leader in its segment.

Therefore, for the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival, Maison Mooncake needs to seize the right timing when customer demand is high.


Business objectives:

  • Drive demand through communication campaigns during the festive season.
  • Expand the market with Maison’s signature paste-filled cakes.
  •  Capture new markets with a line of savory cakes packaged in metal boxes.

Communication objectives:

  •  Portray a clear brand image in the minds of consumers.
  • Expand market coverage in the southern region, with a focus on Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Idea

Mid-Autumn Festival cakes are always associated with traditional elements. Maison Mooncake is known for its cakes originating from Hong Kong, with distinct and premium features. These cakes are suitable as gratitude gifts for partners, relatives, and employees during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


With direct and clear objectives, ADT Creative proposed a communication campaign for the Maison Mooncake brand, including producing a brand video, creative content for the Facebook page, organizing mini-games, live streams, booking hot groups/pages, and engaging in media PR. Additionally, ADT also supported Maison Mooncake in building a landing page and advertising products on Facebook and Google Ads.

A sample of an interactive post on the Maison Mooncake Facebook page

In a short period, the campaign achieved impressive results: nearly 10,000 page likes, over 688,000 page reach, and 143,000 interactions.

By successfully contributing to the ideation and taking primary responsibility for executing the communication plan, ADT helped bring the Maison Mooncake brand closer to customers. As a result, the brand’s products received enthusiastic support from customers, with all products sold out ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival.



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