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  Market context

COVID-19 has changed user behavior:

  • There is a tendency to be more cautious in spending, carefully considering investments, and saving more.
  • The quick response of businesses during the pandemic has increased consumer trust in companies, and they are interested in brands that act responsibly and prioritize community benefits over profits.
  • There is a growing trend of using technology more in daily life, shifting towards online shopping and cashless payments.
  • In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters (storms, landslides, etc.) have also raised human values, teaching people to think positively, share love, and help each other in life.

 Brand context

Leveraging the advantage of its parent brand, the number one brand in Vietnam with the philosophy of “Business linked to social responsibility,” ViettelPay has the strength to become the leading brand in the Fintech field in Vietnam.

Having become Top Of Mind in the Fintech field as a dynamic, interesting, and creative brand through previous Tet campaigns, the foundation has been laid to develop this year’s campaign with a focus on adaptability and positive companionship.

Vietnamese people possess qualities such as optimism and creativity. Therefore, they always find intelligent and clever ways to deal with challenges even in difficult times. Or, saying in folk language: “In adversity, we show wisdom.”


3.1 Business Objective: Increase ViettelPay’s market share in the payment sector.

3.2 Communication Objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness for ViettelPay.
  • Enhance user awareness of Viettel Pay’s key features


The challenges of 2020 taught us how to adapt and overcome difficulties. From a positive perspective, this resilience brought about a more convenient way of living, specifically, making Tet (Lunar New Year) easier: “In adversity, they show wisdom.”

Creative Idea

The positive perspective of 2020’s challenges is that we found out many ways to have an easy life and a joyful Tet despite the difficulties that the year created.

Tết made easy with ViettelPay


The campaign consisted of these following main phases:

Pre-launch: We maintained brand awareness through communication, educated customers about the features of ViettelPay by initiating discussions about “Adversity-Made-Easy” on community fan pages/groups. Simultaneously, we attracted customer interest and attention to the campaign through a set of 20 images showcasing “Adversity-Made-Easy.”

Launch: We created a buzz about the campaign, increased customer engagement/connection with the brand, and optimized conversions. Capitalizing on the timing of Tet, we continued to dominate the market as a dynamic, interesting, and creative Fintech brand in the eyes of customers.

Format: Educational clips, key visuals, 2D design images & motion videos, graphics

Sustain: Retargeted customers who are aware of and use ViettelPay, encouraging them to develop a habit of using ViettelPay for their financial needs and daily activities.

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