History Wall

The history wall is a product of integrated technology combining a physical wall with a sliding panel embedded with motion sensor chips.

The sensor system is capable of recognizing interactions with the screen to display corresponding content when moving through each designated position/point identified on the physical wall.


Displayed at events, exhibitions, lobby areas of buildings, traditional rooms…

Content transmission:

  • Illustrating the formation and development journey of organizations/businesses
  • Systematizing production processes over time

Case study

Bosch Home Vietnam Exhibition Event

The history wall, combined with interactive screen technology within the framework of the “Bosch – German Quality” event, helps customers understand the history of the formation of Bosch Home through important milestones. This unique history wall was implemented by ADT from conceptualization, design, to installation.

The 11th National Student Union Congress Exhibition

The history wall integrates LED sensor screens, a harmonious combination of the flow of time with modern technology.

The history wall provides a comprehensive view of the development journey of the Student Movement, Vietnam Student Union with 13 key historical milestones. Delegates move the large sensor screen along the history wall and access information accompanied by detailed images in the historical stages of the student movement.

The 60-year journey of Quang Ninh Province’s history

Within the framework of the exhibition “Achievements of Quang Ninh Province over 60 years of formation and development,” ADT collaborated with New Day Media to vividly recreate the 60-year journey of Quang Ninh Province’s history with interactive technology combined with state-of-the-art motion sensor screens in Vietnam. This left a special impression on viewers, stirring up feelings of pride in the hearts of the people of the coal land.

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