Interactive Scale Model (AR)

Interactive Scale Model (AR)

The Interactive Scale Model is designed to be compatible with multiple devices (PC, laptop, mobile), allowing users to explore a 360-degree space and effectively learn and interact with projects.

The Interactive Scale Model integrates various features, including:

  • Flexible presentation: Experience a 360-degree project tour with complete panoramic views and details, available on multiple platforms (web/app).
  • Comprehensive information: Technical details and product information are directly and intuitively integrated into a single platform/experience.
  • Sales support: Features for consultation, customer data collection, and management, optimizing costs and increasing marketing and sales efficiency.
  • Expanding technological applications: Integration of AR/VR technology to provide personalized experiences, such as changing interior designs or controlling smart apartments in real estate.

Throughout the development of the Interactive Scale Model application, ADT has partnered with a range of large-scale projects, including Viettel’s booth at the MWC 2024 event, Vinhomes – Grand World Phu Quoc, Ecopark Grand, NovaWorld Phan Thiet, contributing to the competitive advantage of these projects in the market.


  • The Interactive Scale Model serves as a comprehensive sales kit, gathering all necessary information along with vivid visual images to introduce real estate projects to customers.
  • It serves as a professional and modern highlight on the company’s website or during apartment sales events.

Case study

Vinhomes – Grand World Phu Quoc
ADT implemented the Interactive Scale Model for the Grand World Phu Quoc mega-project, a top-class tourist and resort destination in Southeast Asia. ADT’s Interactive Scale Model provides potential customers with a detailed and realistic perspective, enhancing marketing efficiency and attracting investors.

Viettel – IoT Event
At the event connecting the IoT community in Vietnam with the world and the region hosted by Viettel, ADT brought engaging interactive activities to attract guests and introduce products and services within Viettel’s ecosystem through the Interactive Scale Model and Augmented Reality technology.

Viettel – Mobile World Congress MWC 2024
Alongside Viettel’s participation in Mobile World Congress MWC 2024 in Barcelona, ADT Global handled the entire process from design to realization, creating an exhibition booth that captivated visitors with the story of applying digital products and services to everyday life, conveying the message “Technology with Heart.”

The centerpiece was the interactive S-Nation (Smart and Sustainable Nation) scale area – a model simulating the three regions of Vietnam, showcasing distinctive geographical features and prominent architectural models. This was where customers could learn about Viettel’s network infrastructure, Cloud, and IoT solutions through an AR scanning experience.


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