Interactive Wall

The Interactive Wall is a technology application product aimed at transforming any wall space into a dynamic interactive surface. Through simple actions such as pressing or touching, users can display flexible information, images, and videos on the wall, accompanied by interesting motion effects.

This technology enables users to actively explore information, fostering engaging two-way interactions rather than merely observing pre-projected images or videos. Consequently, it creates focal points that attract the audience to participate in event experiences.

ADT provides comprehensive Interactive Wall deployment services for businesses, ranging from creative idea generation to software development and installation.


The Interactive Wall can be widely applied across various fields:

  • Product launching event: consolidating and disseminating brand information, product development/production processes.
  • Exhibitions & showcases: visualizing product information or organizational information for businesses or entities.

Case study

Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023)

ADT conceptualized, designed, and constructed an interactive wall to showcase the important collaboration content between the Innovation Center (NIC) and strategic partner Meta Group.

Vietnam Student Union Exhibition

The interactive wall facilitates delegates in easily exploring and tracking information, images, and reports on the 5-good student movement, student counseling and support programs, and the development of a strong Vietnam Student Union in term X.

“The Art of Coffee Appreciation” Exhibition by Trung Nguyen Coffee Museum

The history of three coffee civilizations is vividly displayed through touch interactions on the interactive wall. This helps visitors gain a clearer understanding of the values and messages that Trung Nguyen Corporation aims to convey.

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