“Made in Vietnam” AI Virtual Models Showcase Their Talent in Tet Calendar, Serving as KOL for Ao Dai Brand

Recently, ADT Global, the unit behind the development of the Digital human Hạ Vy, introduced a Tet calendar featuring the appearance of this virtual character to the market.

In 2023, we witnessed some breakthrough and innovative products created by AI, marking the explosion of products utilizing Generative AI, which received strong attention. Creating products from AI brings many benefits in terms of cost, production time, and manpower.

2024 is also promised to be a year of strong AI and virtual assistant applications, especially in Vietnam. A notable example is the AI Digital Human Hạ Vy, the first of its kind in Vietnam developed by ADT Global, which has taken significant steps closer to users.

Recently, ADT Global, the unit behind the development of the virtual character Hạ Vy, has launched a Tet calendar featuring the appearance of this virtual character. In the Tet calendar, the application of AI is clearly demonstrated. Appearing in ADT Global’s Tet calendar, the AI virtual character Hạ Vy can answer fun and humorous questions and provide fortune-telling for the new year.

The calendar is designed in a creative and youthful style, predominantly featuring a green tone. The highlight of the calendar is the image of a Dragon wearing VR glasses – a depiction evoking the technological products that ADT Global has developed and is developing, in line with the style of a technology company like ADT Global.

Especially, users can receive interesting cosmic messages from Hạ Vy by scanning the QR code on the cover of the calendar. After starting the interaction, users can ask Hạ Vy any predictive questions, such as “Will I receive Tet bonuses this year?” Immediately, the AI virtual character from ADT Global will promptly provide predictions with cheerful and trendy messages.

According to ADT Global’s sharing, recently, the AI virtual character Hạ Vy also had the opportunity to act as a KOL to showcase a lookbook for a famous áo dài (Vietnamese traditional dress) brand – Áo dài Hà Cúc. Through the images shared on Hạ Vy’s Instagram, wearing Áo dài Hà Cúc, Hạ Vy received many compliments for her authenticity, demonstrating gracefulness and purity in the Vietnamese traditional dress like a true Vietnamese girl.

Since its debut at the Vietnam Innovation and Creativity Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023), Hạ Vy has made a special impression on the audience due to its well-rounded appearance accompanied by quick reactions. Hạ Vy is a “made in Vietnam” AI Digital Human, conceived and developed through the intellect and expertise of the Vietnamese team. It is also the first AI Digital Human in Vietnam to date with the ability to learn Vietnamese and respond to questions in Vietnamese.

To construct Hạ Vy, the ADT Global team upgraded the core AI artificial intelligence and integrated it with hyper-real Digital Human technology, thereby creating the unique AI Digital Human in Vietnam to date. Particularly, Hạ Vy has the ability to decide expressions and engage in real-time conversations. Additionally, the ADT Global team meticulously crafted Hạ Vy’s entire body, from skin, hair, facial features, to eyes, making it incredibly lifelike.

With these advancements, Hạ Vy, the first AI Digital Human in Vietnam developed by ADT, has successfully applied into reality, approaching closer to users and aiming to become a brand ambassador, customer care representative, self-service assistant, video bot, potential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), models, AI MCs, tour guides, and even conducting 24/7 live stream sales across multiple platforms.

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