Mapping on Scale Model

3D Mapping is the process of creating three-dimensional performance using specialized projectors.

  • Various projection contents: Videos/Images combined with animation, effects, special effects, vibrant sound, etc., onto surfaces, shapes, and objects in the real world.
  • Applicable in various spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

3D Mapping creates a three-dimensional visual impression instead of the usual two-dimensional projection onto a flat surface, providing a multi-sensory experience and creatively enhancing the storytelling of a brand.

One of the common applications of 3D Mapping in event organization is Mapping on Scale Model, allowing the creation of perfectly synchronized 3D effects with the physical model. ADT has conceptualized and successfully implemented this technology, generating explosive visual effects and leaving a lasting impression at numerous events and diverse exhibitions.


  • Event Organization: Serving impressive video/image projection activities at cultural events, entertainment events, product launches, or services.
  • Art Exhibitions: Creating opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in artworks, adding artistic value to the exhibition.

Case study

Mapping on Scale Model in the Traditional Room – National Innovation Center (NIC)

The mapping projection is carried out on the 3D model of the NIC building (Vietnam National Innovation Center) and extends to the walls, and surrounding floors.

The performance recreates the development process and the direction of NIC’s activities with a mission to be a pioneering unit in the country’s journey of innovation and creativity, igniting aspirations and providing motivation for businesses and individuals to create advanced technologies, breakthrough solutions, and etch Vietnam’s name on the world technology map.

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