A hyper-real interactive and immersive platform that provides online-to-offline value.

Metaverse creates a Digital Twin of real life, allowing users to freely move, shop, entertain, even invest and connect with digital residents in “parallel worlds”.

From a business perspective, Metaverse meets a variety of needs – from optimizing operations to expanding business and increasing profits:

  • Acquire new customers through limitless and immersive living experiences across the Metaverse.
  • Optimize communication and sales efficiency, with the ability to integrate advanced technology and applications such as WebXR, AR/VR, Digital content hub, Virtual store, Sales software – flexibly used on multiple devices.
  • Support customer care by creating community and personalized privilege for loyal customers.
  • Build and synchronize customer databases, helping businesses proactively, centrally and safely manage data.

Moreover, the Metaverse platform is flexibly deployed by ADT, customized according to budget, needs and industry of the organization and business.


Metaverse affirms its potential in diverse fields and industries

  • Real estate: Metaverse supports sales and marketing activities; with features such as building Virtual 3D models, introducing and customizing model apartment interiors in virtual reality, managing customer data and connecting the resident community.
  • Education: 24/7 online schools and classes provide real-time interactive connection among school – student – family and optimize online learning experience.
  • Event organization: Metaverse provides space to operate virtual events, virtual shows, virtual exhibitions with endless expansion capabilities in terms of scale, location and form of performance.
  • Travel, sports and entertainment: Metaverse users can easily explore landscapes, watch matches and play role-playing games in virtual reality.
  • Public administration: Developing comprehensive Smart City, Smart Hospital… models on the Metaverse platform.

Case study

Nova Metaverse

The Nova Metaverse platform is oriented to become an Online-to-Offline Metaverse (O2O Metaverse), with beta version launched in September 2022.

This is the first version in Vietnam to apply WebXR, Metaverse platform, virtual reality (VR) on multiple devices. Accordingly, users can experience seamless shopping, entertainment, and interaction from online to offline with outstanding utilities such as:

  • 360-degree exploration of real estate projects
  • Visit the model apartment, customize the apartment’s interior
  • Shopping in virtual stores; accumulate points online and redeem rewards offline
  • Participate in workshops and events
  • Enjoy exclusive entertainment content

In the near future, Nova Metaverse will fully digitize products and services of the Nova Group ecosystem onto the platform. Experience Nova Metaverse HERE

Saymee S-World

Saymee S-World is a Metaverse version deployed at the launch of the Saymee – a telecommunications brand for Gen Z (under MobiFone) in April 2023.

With the background of Hanoi in parallel world, including typical landscapes and monuments such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, and the old town – Saymee S-World encourages players to role-play and participate in interesting activities:

  • Gamification – Umee mascot hunting
  • Parkour game challenge
  • Visit Saymee Virtual Store
  • Visit Saymee Virtual Gallery


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