Motion Capture (Mocap) for Mascot/ Digital Human

Motion Capture (Mocap) is a motion recording technology that allows for the precise capturing of postures and movements of any performer; subsequently, this data is used to simulate real-time movements onto pre-built 3D characters (mascots, digital humans).

ADT has successfully applied Motion Capture technology in the construction and refinement of Mascot and Digital Human characters, offering several advantages:

  • Accurate simulation of movement postures, closely resembling real-time human motions.
  • Customization and optimization of time and cost: With pre-built mascot/digital human models, movements and expressions can be easily simulated from any performer’s actions. Factors such as space and costumes for mascots/digital humans can be easily customized through technical systems without relying on physical resources.


With high realism and rapid motion feedback, Motion Capture finds easy application in various fields:

  • Media and entertainment: Creating virtual stages/hosts/performers/guests for TV commercials, live streams, news broadcasts, podcasts, documentaries, etc.
  • Video games: Developing movements for characters within games.
  • Film and television: Creating scenes, simulating character movements before filming. Additionally, the technology supports making post-production scenes more vivid.
  • Training and education: Providing effective support for activities requiring technical precision and accurate movements, such as sports training, vocational education, or medical guidance.

Case study

The 30th-anniversary event of MobiFone and the launching of the Saymee mobile network

At the 30th anniversary event of MobiFone and the launching of the Saymee mobile network, ADT brought a series of impressive interactive activities. Among them, the pioneering Mocap technology experience, through real-time interaction with the brand’s mascot, attracted many visitors:

  • Performers wearing mocap suits with sensors attached to their joints were connected to the mascot character Umee displayed on the screen.
  • As the performers moved (waving hands, moving legs, walking, running, etc.), the Umee mascot on the screen would also move in real-time correspondingly and interact with the visitors.


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