Notable Technologies at Internet Day 2023: Virtual Human Hạ Vy from ADT Global

At the Internet Day 2023 Conference and Exhibition recently held, some companies introduced intriguing new technologies such as the first AI digital human in Vietnam and self-service vending machines integrated with AI capabilities offering diverse payment options.

The first AI digital human in Vietnam

Hạ Vy was developed by ADT company. Hạ Vy made her debut at the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition 2023 and appeared for the second time at the Internet Day 2023 Conference and Exhibition.

Mr. Nguyen The Duy, Vice Chairman of ADT, shared with VietTimes reporters that the company had been developing Hạ Vy for about three years. To create Hạ Vy, the AI core intelligence was upgraded and integrated with hyper-real Digital Human technology, resulting in the first AI digital human in Vietnam. Hạ Vy has a fully formed body and can express emotions and engage in real-time conversations.

Hạ Vy is integrated with a Large Language Model (LLM) similar to ChatGPT, currently in the fine-tuning stage. Mr. Duy mentioned that ADT had built datasets to train and provide knowledge to Hạ Vy, making her smarter and more understanding of Vietnamese culture and related information. Through Hạ Vy, ADT plans to develop a dedicated LLM for Vietnam.

The advantages of Hạ Vy include speech-to-text processing speed of only 0.1 seconds for 50 words, and text-to-speech conversion speed of under 2 seconds for 50 words. This AI digital human is capable of context recognition and achieves a response speed of 0.1 seconds for 50 words based on context.

Mr. Duy shared that besides communicating in Vietnamese and processing information quickly, Hạ Vy can also proactively create content, self-learn, and provide answers autonomously when asked.

Virtual entities like Hạ Vy have the capability to engage in a variety of advertising and sales activities, such as customer care, self-service, video bots, acting as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), models, AI MCs, tour guides, brand ambassadors, and even conducting 24/7 livestream sales across multiple platforms.

VietTimes reporters tested Hạ Vy with some questions and received responses. Sometimes, Hạ Vy’s responses were not accurate, possibly due to unclear audio reception. It seems this virtual assistant may need further improvement in voice recognition capabilities.

Mr. Duy also emphasized that Hạ Vy is still in its early stages. ADT is continuously optimizing it to become a smarter assistant and to understand every context better. Especially, ADT aims for Hạ Vy to be able to remember conversations with individuals and provide personalized responses tailored to each user.

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