Vietnam’s First AI Digital Human: Self-Learning and Self-Answering Questions in Vietnamese

The interactive display of the AI digital human Hạ Vy, developed by ADT Global, garnered significant attention from the attendees at the Internet Day 2023 event.

The Internet Day 2023 Exhibition, organized by the Vietnam Internet Association with the theme “New Space, New Opportunities for Vietnam’s Internet,” officially took place in Hanoi. Internet Day serves as a national forum for businesses operating in the Internet and telecommunications sectors, both domestically and internationally, as well as international Internet organizations, government agencies, and managers in the fields of Internet/telecommunications, media, and information technology to meet and exchange ideas to find optimal and effective solutions to promote the overall development of the Internet in Vietnam in the new era. It is worth noting that the interactive display of the AI digital human, Hạ Vy, developed by ADT Global, received significant attention from the many attendees participating in the Internet Day 2023 event.

AI Digital Human Hạ Vy, created by the ADT Global team, has a full-body appearance, with features such as hair, face, and eyes appearing very lifelike. Hạ Vy is a “made in Vietnam” AI Digital Human, created and developed using the intelligence and expertise of Vietnamese individuals, so ADT Global was also “clever” in presenting Hạ Vy in traditional Vietnamese áo dài attire.

To build Hạ Vy, the AI’s artificial intelligence core was upgraded and integrated with hyper-real digital human technology, thereby creating the unique AI digital human in Vietnam to date. Hạ Vy impresses with her ability to make decisions on facial expressions and engage in real-time conversations, communicating smoothly in Vietnamese. Additionally, Hạ Vy can actively create content, learn independently, and provide answers in Vietnamese when asked questions.

In particular, Hạ Vy has broken many records, including: Speech-to-Text processing speed of 0.1 seconds for 50 words; Text-to-Speech conversion speed under 2 seconds for 50 words; The ability to recognize context and achieve the fastest response time: 0.1 seconds to respond to 50 words based on context (with an average of 3-5 characters per word).

It can be said that Hạ Vy is a typical case of Vietnam’s ability to apply Generative AI to communicate fluently in Vietnamese. Creative AI focuses on creating new content and data, while traditional AI tackles specific tasks based on predefined rules. Creative AI uses synthesis models and self-learning without the supervision or intervention of humans.

When launched on the market, AI digital humans like Hạ Vy can participate in a variety of advertising and sales activities, such as: customer care, self-service, brand ambassadors, KOLs, models, AI MCs, AI tour guides, and even 24/7 live shopping streams across multiple platforms.

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