Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) technology creates a simulated environment using computer-generated 3D designs that closely resemble real life, allowing users to experience the most realistic simulated space.

Users wear VR headsets to immerse themselves in an immersive experience, enabling them to freely move, interact, entertain, shop, and more in the virtual world.

VR possesses several prominent advantages:

  • Real-time interaction capability, creating vivid and realistic experiences.
  • Immersive experience: Users step into and blend into a 3D space, freely navigating, rotating, and naturally interacting within the VR environment.
  • Unlimited content customization: Users can explore a vast content library, travel and discover without limitations of time or geographic distance.


  • Entertainment: Engage in role-playing games, watch entertaining videos, explore science fiction for maximum immersion.
  • Travel: Fully explore natural wonders, famous landmarks recreated in 3D with realistic environmental effects like wind and sound.
  • Real estate: Visit model apartments and actively customize interior designs according to personal preferences.
  • Online shopping: Assume the role of a shopper in a virtual store, move around to view information and 3D images of products, and make payments.
  • Education: Build interactive and engaging lessons that stimulate multiple senses to enhance information absorption for learners.

Case study

Visa VR Store – Vietnam Innovative & Creative Expo (VIIE 2023)
At the Vietnam Innovative & Creative Expo (VIIE 2023), ADT built a virtual store environment for Visa, allowing users to experience immersive shopping and make realistic and dynamic payments using Face ID.

NovaGroup Model Apartments:
Visualized using the power of a new generation 3D engine, model apartments enable customers to easily navigate, move furniture, and change interior designs according to their preferences. This facilitates the decision-making process for real estate investments and transactions.

VR Home Apartment at Bosch Home VN Launch Event
At the official launch event of Bosch Home in Vietnam, ADT deployed a virtual reality apartment to cleverly promote Bosch’s products and solutions. Wearing VR headsets, customers can comfortably walk around in a 360-degree space, freely customize the room’s interface, and directly interact with Bosch products within the room.

Viettel Virtual Store
ADT Global implemented the Viettel Store at the Viettel Diversity exhibition, applying virtual reality technology to provide a modern technological experience. It also demonstrates the innovative spirit and pioneering efforts in creating Viettel Group’s digital lifestyle.

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