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Amid the explosion of interactive digital technology, “Metahumans” have become the focal point of attention across various fields, including healthcare, education, security, and even artistic products. The entertainment and social media industry in Vietnam is also quickly embracing this trend with unique Virtual Ambassadors/Metahumans.

Metahumans bring breakthroughs in marketing campaigns while capturing the attention of consumers, especially the young generation. Moreover, this is an unmissable trend due to the significant benefits of using Metahumans, such as:

  • Limiting production and communication risks
  • Easy cost control
  • Maximizing communication effectiveness
  • Maximizing image utilization and interaction


The Virtual Ambassador Chang Mi was built with the following objectives:

  • Participating in advertising strategies with a view to increasing brand recognition, discussions, and engagements on social media platforms.
  • Affirming the pioneering ability to stay ahead of communication trends in business.

Implementation scope

ADT has developed and portrayed the Virtual Ambassador Chang Mi as a real-life GenZ individual.

▪️ Appearance: Beautiful, youthful, and distinctive. ADT utilized hyper-realistic Metahuman graphics technology to ensure Chang Mi’s visual quality is similar to that of a real person.

▪️ Personality: Chang Mi is built as an enthusiastic, cheerful neighbor who radiates positive energy into social life.

Chang Mi interacts with the public through social media accounts. Her personal Facebook, Instagram, and other channels are where she shares everyday photos and interesting stories.


Metahumans/Virtual Ambassadors are currently seen as a novel approach to engage customers, providing evident benefits and applications in various activities such as advertising, appearing in media publications, interacting, and speaking on behalf of brands.

In recent years, Vietnamese businesses have gradually grasped and taken the lead in utilizing Virtual Influencers to make breakthroughs in marketing campaigns.

ADT Creative takes pride in being a pioneering company, possessing the highest quality Metahuman (Virtual Ambassador) technology in the market!


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