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Vi.Keto Brand Launch Campaign

Project Name: Vi.Keto Brand Launch Campaign

Client: Foxy Vi.Keto

Category: Creative Communication & Packaging Design


In recent years, healthy eating trends like “eat clean” and Keto diet have been growing rapidly and becoming a part of the new lifestyle for many Vietnamese people. While this presents an advantage, it also poses a challenge for the Foxy Vi.Keto brand as entering this developing market implies fierce competition.

To surpass many competitors and make an impact on customers, Foxy Vi.Keto needs a well-planned marketing strategy. ADT Creative, as the communication partner of Foxy Vi.Keto, proposed ideas and implemented the Vi.Keto brand launch campaign across online and offline media channels.


  • Increase brand visibility and awareness for Vi.Keto
  • Help customers understand the unique values and product range offered by Vi.Keto
  • Stimulate buying demand and product experience among the target customers.


ADT Creative proposed a 6-month communication campaign to launch the Vi.Keto brand on popular social media like Facebook and Instagram, with the key message of “Authentic Vietnamese Taste, Perfect Figure.” Additionally, ADT Creative designed the packaging for Vi.Keto’s product line.

Implementation scope

  • Execute the brand launch communication plan on Facebook and Instagram over a 6-month period
  • Consult and build the Vi.Keto website
  • Design packaging to ensure consistency across the Vi.Keto product range.


  • The content on the Fanpage and Instagram channels was meticulously crafted by ADT Creative, featuring various formats such as single images, albums, short videos, etc. It utilized a youthful, modern language with a positive energy that facilitated the Vi.Keto brand’s easy dissemination and reach to the majority of the target customers.
  • Vi.Keto products were swiftly embraced and received positive support from the target customers, with over 70% favorable feedback within 6 months of the launch.

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