Understanding Affiliate Marketing through the intense “war of words” between the 3 tiktokers Ha Linh – Xuan Shop Viet Nhat – Han Nguyen

TikTok is not only a realm of gorgeous lads and girls but also a zone of furious verbal confrontations and unforgettable dramas. Most recently, the drama that enraged the whole TikTok community officially dubbed “the war god of review” Ha Linh, the owner of Viet Nhat shop and Han Nguyen with the subject: “Affiliate, is it Advertising?”

Who is Ha Linh and Xuan Shop Viet Nhat?

Ha Linh is a well-known name in the cosmetics review community because the assessment clips are seen as “fair” in terms of consumer protection with the attitude is not afraid to “clash” or boycott inferior products. As a result, Ha Linh has been given a nickname of “the war god of review” by many people.

Not as popular on social media as Ha Linh, Xuan, the proprietor of the Viet Nhat shop, is also a well-known figure. It is known that she lives and operates business in the country of cherry blossoms. Because of the selling of affordable items to many Vietnamese workers and students in Japan, Xuan Viet Nhat has an extensive following and followers.

Hand-to-hand combat that is “extremely tense”

The drama was made up by a video response to fans of Xuan shop Viet Nhat that was shared on the tiktok community. In this video, Xuan shop Viet Nhat just alluded at Ha Linh by H.L and stated that she was “manipulating” customers under the guise of a reviewer. The proprietor of the Viet Nhat shop believes that Ha Linh’s product review material is a means of getting advertising bookings for the company, rather than a “review from the heart,” as Ha Linh has long advocated. This tiktoker in particular said “Many people easily recognize that H.L’s reviews are all advertisements, and she called it “by heart”? Is advertising money used to calculate the heart rate? Listening to her “sincere and honest” reviews made me sick, so I just reacted. I understand she’s many people’s idol, but I had to express my thoughts at this point. If I was terrified, I didn’t say anything.”

The video rapidly went viral in the tiktok community, and Ha Linh responded with a “extremely tense” rebuttal video. She distinguishes between Affiliate Marketing and Advertising. At the same time, Ha Linh said that if the store owner could produce proof that she got advertising money from the brand, she would give her 10 billion dong; otherwise, Xuan shop Viet Nhat would have to give Ha Linh 2 billion dong if she couldn’t. 

Not giving up, after this combat, Xuan Viet Nhat has continued uploading many caustic videos, next to Ha Linh. The TikTok community also quickly divided into two factions: one side supported Ha Linh and the other supported Xuan Viet Nhat.

So, what exactly is Affiliate Marketing? Is this considered advertising?

To address this point, we must bring up the “third person” who unexpectedly appeared during the battle between Ha Linh and Xuan shop. That’s Han Nguyen,  a new tiktoker emerging by many videos providing knowledge about the marketing field. Since joining the TikTok community, he has regularly shown his readiness to “clash” while exposing numerous significant names in the marketing field, including Duy Muoi, Vu Minh Tra,… Han Nguyen could be found everywhere there is a discussion about marketing.

Not to be left out of the drama, Han Nguyen officially entered the battle of words between Ha Linh and Xuan shop when he shared several of his thoughts on Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing, also known as affiliate marketing, is a type of advertising, according to Hanh Nguyen, since it produces cash and improves direct profits for firms. Simply said, you get a commission when you promote a company’s or brand’s products or services online. You will now operate as a middleman, connecting the firm that wants to market the goods with the client.

In fact, the Advertising Code No. 35/2018/QH14 of Vietnam defines advertising as “the use of means to introduce to the public products, goods, and services for profit purposes; products and services with no profit-making purposes; organizations and individuals trading in introduced products, goods, and services, except for current news; social policies; personal information.”

Thus, it can be concluded that Ha Linh misinterpreted the meaning of Affiliate Marketing when he believed it was not a kind of advertising. Although she does not take direct PR bookings from businesses, making cash for brands by evaluating items and putting product links in each video falls under the realm of advertising as outlined by the Advertising Code in Vietnam.

Currently, the drama is not done, and the winner remains unknown, despite the fact that the fan bases of all three are still battling passionately. What are your thoughts on this drama? Follow us to learn more about Marketing!

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